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“Kids brains are gooey, which means they are shaped by experiences in childhood. We aim to educate, interpret the science, debunk the myths and provide the best tools and resources around child development to help you shape their brain in the right direction.”

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  • why-kids-with-a-growth-mindset-become-high-achievers

Why kids with a growth mindset become high achievers

A growth mindset is a secret weapon that you can use to help kids to achieve more, get smarter and perform better in school!  In fact, lots of scientific

  • 5 amazing reasons you should be singing to your kids

5 amazing reasons why you should sing to your kids

Singing to your child can have huge developmental advantages.  Did you know that your infant's

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Why swinging in sync helps learn cooperation

Cooperative learning is a very important developmental skill that needs to be established in childhood.

  • Motor Development, motor skills, physical development

Motor Development 101 – What to expect and when!

 Helping a Baby with Their Motor Skills Motor development is a term that means the development