The Gooey Plastic Brain

The human brain is pretty special, because it has this feature called plasticity.  Imagine the brain is gooey like play-dough.  As things change in our environment we can mould and reshape our brain to suit! 

Learning to hear

Many expectant parents find themselves wondering when their baby will start hearing what is happening in the world around them.  It is such an exciting time to think that the little baby still growing in

Nutrition and the Developing Brain

It’s all about the timing!  From conception to 18 weeks pregnant: Generally, getting great nutrition to your baby has the biggest impact in early pregnancy.  This is because early pregnancy is when your baby is

How high noise affects reading ability

We all know loud noise isn’t good for anyone, but it’s especially not good for our kids. What most people don’t know is that loud and excessive noise levels in a child’s environment will affect

Using play to build the brain

Why do we care about learning through play? Did you know that more than just about any other activity, play is what promotes the healthy development of your child! The most important thing to remember

Neurogenesis – The building of the Brain

Neurogenesis: The Building of the brain during Pregnancy Neurogenesis means producing new neurons.  It starts in week 5 of pregnancy and peaks in the third and fourth month of pregnancy. During this time, the